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Let your users invite other users. Contribute to django-inviter development by creating an account on GitHub. class OptOutManager(models.Manager): def is_blocked(self, email=None)

from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse from django.utils.http import int_to_base36 from inviter.models import OptOut from...

inviter - The inviting user. url - The invite URL. The user model already exists - this view just takes care of setting a password and username, and maybe update the email address.

It just adds a invite! method to the model and you can pass in attributes just like calling create. This is great for keeping track of who invited who, but this also requires the Inviter to have a few methods.

Here are the examples of the python api teams.models.Invite.objects.get taken from open source projects. "inviter"

26 27 28. # File 'lib/muck-invites/models/inviter.rb', line 26. def invitee_emails end.

We are thinking of updating the invite model, the invite form and the Invites#Create. Does that make sense or do we need to update other files too?

inviter.utils.invite(email, inviter, sendfn=, resend=True, **kwargs). Invite a given email address and return a (User, sent) tuple similar to the Django django.db.models.Manager.get_or_create() method.

invite_reason = models.CharField(max_length=64). Membership содержит два внешних ключа на Person (person и inviter). В таком случае Django не знает какой ключ использовать для...

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